To carve an niche for ourselves as multi-faceted company, applying our full services, Property Management, Procurement and Logistics capability in Aberdeen, rest of Scotland  and beyond, thus contributing and expanding the economic and social growth of the regions through the effective use of our specialized, qualitative, speedy, highly responsive project management skills, technology exchange and service delivery.

Flint Investments Limited of Aberdeen will maintain the highest ethics in Property Management.  Our team members are highly knowledgeable, ethical and motivated personnel with a sense of compassion for the clients.


Will definitely be very glad to refer your services to others that I may know are/could be in similar situation.  N.O. (Houston Texas)

The services offered to me by Flint Investments are straight to the point, quick and competent. It's just like having several rapid response teams ...

A.D. (Brunei Darussalam)

When I rented my first property from Flint Investments Limited, I was in my early 20s and had no idea what to do. They took care of me every step of the way.

While we hope you have the luxury to check out home any time of the day you want, if you're only free at 11 p.m. Monday and Friday nights, we'll make that work with you.

We Work Around Your Schedule

We treat each of our clients like they're closing on a multi-million-dollar bi-level. There's no such thing as an insubstantial transaction in our eyes.

When you're dealing with a young or inexperienced firm, you don't know what they don't know. Having been in the business in the city for more than 25 years, we know it all.

We've been in the business long enough to establish fantastic relationships with local real estate movers and shakers - so, what you see with us isn't what you see everywhere else.

If you have a property you want to list, we have a list of eager buyers waiting to move in. Nothing in our portfolio stays vacant for long, including your property.

 My wife and I have been very pleased with the services offered by Flint Investments right from the onset till ...  F.A. (Lagos Nigeria)

Every Deal is a BIG Deal

We're almost certain we have a property already in our portfolio that you will fall in love with. If we don't, you lose nothing – we have no hidden fees or showing costs.

You Have Nothing to Lose

You Benefit from Our Experience

No One Rents Faster Than Us

More Exclusive Inventory

It's Competitive Out There

A great property doesn't last long on the market. We will make sure we're on top of the  market and as soon as a property you might like comes around, we'll reach out.


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